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Lorry drivers keep trucking!

I've always wanted to be lorry driver since I was just a small lad. It seemed like they had the best job I could imagine - getting to drive a huge lorry all day. Now I've got my own lorry, and I'm really proud of my job still. It's great being out on the road all day. I know that having a lorry is important because people aren't able to transport all the stuff they need in the shops! It's a job that keeps this country running. If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of the trucking industry, read on!



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Luxury for Hire: 4 Ways to Get the Most Luxury From Your Campervan Hire

If you are planning a camping trip, you likely have considered campervan hire. If you are looking in that direction, you know you have several options and one of those is to go the luxury route.  All too often campervan renters feel they can't afford the luxury options that come with higher end rentals. The truth is, if you know a few tricks and tips, you can afford  luxury accommodations while staying within budget. Here are four ways to get the most luxury from your campervan hire.

Ask About Additional Features

When you view a campervan online or in person, you are probably seeing a floor model with basic features. This means there more features may be available at an additional fee. Before you decide the basic options just won't work for you, and you end up paying a higher fee, ask about additional features. Some features may include GPS navigation devices, child safety seats, tablet rentals for the trip, digital services, and outside dining kits.

What's Included

Some people tend to overlook the list of what's included in a campervan hire. They see the van, look around a bit, but don't really think about the things you don't see that are included in the price quote. Ask about a list of what is included in your campervan hire. You may be surprised to find that several luxury items are already part of the package. For example, digital television and satellite Internet may be part of your price. You may also find, that with certain packages, you don't have to bring anything but yourself and your clothing.

Think About Real Space

When you begin browsing for a campervan, you may see small signs that indicate how many people the camper can hold. For example, you may see that a campervan can comfortably carry four people, but has a maximum of eight. The first thing to do is to figure out how comfortable your family will actually be. If you feel cramped, consider upgrading to the next camper. This upgrade will probably not cost enough to break the bank, may have added amenities that off-set the cost, and will give you more room to enjoy the trip.

Pick Your Route

One aspect of  the trip that can add or take away luxury from your vacation is the route you choose. Make sure that when you choose your camping ground and route you are looking at everything the area has to offer. The last thing you want is to spend money on the ideal campervan only to find that the campground itself ruins the vacation.

If you take these four tips into consideration you can find the ideal campervan hire, route, and vacation that you and your family have been looking for. Remember to ask your sales associate about any discounts, specials, and amenities that are not readily offered to you.

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